Adobe Lightroom Beta for Windows

Talk about just in time. I’ve been loading my 21,000+ images into IDImager, a desktop photo organizing/tagging application after becoming frustrated with the slow speed of Adobe Elements when loaded with said images. After clicking about a million annoying info messages about misplaced somethings-or-others in my PNG images, it finally displayed to me…..

An empty Catalog.


Sorry idimager, this is the second time I’ve tried the software and it’s just not doing it for me. Course, what I’m really looking for doesn’t seem to exist yet, though I think that Apple’s Aperture might, sadly though I don’t yet have a machine to run that on (yet, no, not yet my preeeecccioooooouuuuusssss…).

Anyway, while doing a bit of coding tonight I see a message come in saying that Adobe Lightroom Beta for Windows is now available. Why it feels like just yesterday I was reading frustrated comments on the boards bitching that the beta for OS/X has been out for ages, where is the promised Windows beta? Oh right, it was yesterday.

Currently I’m waiting for the Adobe site to respond, let me sign up, answer various questionaires, get a DNA sample, and so on. Depending on how the coding goes tonight or tomorrow I’ll throw up my thoughts. Remember, this is the software supposed to rival Apple’s Aperture software in terms of organization and workflow, so I’m pretty excited about it!

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