Digital Asset Management Book – Another one for the Wishlist

Found the suggestion of Digital Asset Management for Photographers in a thread on dpreview asking about management of 10,000 family images. I don’t have quite that many family pictures, but I do have a fair collection of my own, and I’m working to set up a workflow of some sort, currently using iview/captureone/photoshop, but would love to get other ideas about organization. Time to check the book out next time I’m near a bookstore or have it added to my birthday/christmas wishlist 🙂

4 Comments on “Digital Asset Management Book – Another one for the Wishlist”

  1. My plan on this front primarily consists of:
    1) Wait for bonus time.
    2) Buy mac book pro and aperture.

  2. I’m thinking the same myself, however, I’m interested to see what this book suggests specifically… is it in terms of tagging, file/dir organization, filenaming…. etc.
    Also I’ve heard a few things about aperture that has put me off it a bit. First is the fact all the pictures are all in a single proprietory DB, whereas lightroom seems to be able to conform far better to the images from anywhere (not that lightroom doesn’t have it’s own problems of course 🙂
    Also I’ve heard that the aperture UI is oriented for your 30″ cinema display, and not a laptop screen or something a normal person would work on. Of course, it is aimed at pros who would want to work on a properly calibrated, huge and high end monitor…

  3. Yea, I’m really looking forward to the final or even the next beta. It’s got promise, but the beta3 isn’t hugely usable for large numbers of images (at least on my xp2600+ w/1G).