Pentax K10D On Pentax Canada

Looks like Pentax Canada has information on the K10D. All sorts of discussion in the Pentax forums of course…. looks like the Canon forums after a new body announcement (lots of “does it X? Sucks because of Y! How is the Z performance?” type questions and comments).

A few details. DNG format support is great, as DNG is the emerging long term, non-proprietary archive standard for RAW files… uncompressed is not as impressive, especially since the 6.1mp files from my *ist-D are 13mb 🙁 Still no ISO3200, not a huge deal, it’s been a while since I’ve used this anyway.

The ISO exposure mode is pretty neat sounding… you set your f-stop and shutter speed and the camera sets the ISO to properly expose…. that’s a cool feature creativity wise. No ISO in the viewfinder yet though…. bleah. Bunch of other stuff if you’re into hunting through the specs page for nuggets.

Geez…. this, plus the new iPods, plus I’d love a laptop to take on the train (anyone got an old spare, not too sucky one they want to give up?), plus a deck, plus renos to the basement…. come on lottery!

Update: Info now on DPReview with press release and hands on preview. Wonder if the Canon and Nikon focused DPReview will take notice or dismiss or ignore it because it’s non-Canon/Nikon?