Dear universe, please stop hatin’ on me. Please?

Working at home today, oblivious under head phones when at 5 or so (just in time for me to not be interrupted from work thankyouverymuch) Firefly noticed a squooshing that wasn’t supposed to be there. The old copper washer that was securing the connection from the copper pipe from the city water to our recently replaced plastic plumbing had decided to crack, and now water was draining out into the storage closet under the stairs, through it and into the office, and then under the newly put down laminate flooring in the hall and big room. 🙁 So the evening has been pulling up the new floor, positioning fans and heaters, and generally being far more unpleasant than it should be (fantastic dinner though, yummy stew).

I was very lucky though…. it was caught before it go to do too much damage, such as making its way into the office where the computers are. I’m also lucky that I have all my photos in waterproof plastic tubs (though they were on the floor). My box of star trek memorabilia and “memories” box also escaped more than a splattering of water on them. Not so lucky was the box of models whose bottom disintegrated and fell out, letting the already perilously stacked lot basically smash all over the floor 🙁 They are now all in a big plastic garbage bag (more for ease of getting them out of the closet so we could mop up water than an indication of their eventual destination), however I’m not sure what’ll happen to them. There were a lot of airplane tires, cockpits, missiles and other small parts strewn around the floor, and I haven’t bothered to even look at the things since they were put there two years ago. On the other hand though, those bits of painted plastic represent a large part of my childhood and a lot of time and effort put into them. I’ll have to dig through and see if anything is recoverable at all I guess, then ditch the rest 🙁

Sucky to have a flood yes, but I’m very happy it happened now and not when the entire basement was under new flooring. Would have been nice to have it a couple of days ago before any flooring was down though 🙂

Crap, after midnight again, bed time now.

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