Adventures in a Pool

Firefly’s been gone since last Friday on a course or seminar or something, so I’ve had to amuse myself the last few days. Somehow in the last 4 days I’ve ended up for three of them in the municipal pool down the street. Today I managed 11 laps of the 25 meter pool (that’d be 275m for those keeping track) and was quite proud of myself… that’s over a quarter kilometer! Well, if there were edges along that km where you could rest every 25-50m anyway πŸ™‚

Either swimming is way more work than I remember it being or I’m way out of shape. I’m thinking probably a little from column A, a little more from column B…

After the laps I hit the steam room, then the sauna, then the hot tub, then back to the steam room again, just for fun. A very embarrassing thing happened when I went leave though. I had a locker in the change room, but couldn’t find it! There aren’t that many lockers in there, and for the life of me I could not remember where it was. When I got to the row that was a couple off of my locker number I just had to find the row of lockers that had the next set of numbers. Should be simple right? Of course, these aren’t “rows” of lockers, but more of a hextagonal shape.

There were also a bunch of other people there and my eyesight is so bad I have to get my face a few inches from the locker numbers, and I was feeling really conspicuous, some random old guy wandering around staring at locker numbers. So what’s a shy, self conscious geek to do? Well, pretend that I just had to go to the bathroom then went out to the pool again, walked around, had a drink from the fountain and waited until the people who were in there left (or at least, the vague body-like shapes who I presume might have been the vague body-like shapes from the locker room left) and then went back in. Much easier this time, no one was there and I found my locker fast… turns out that locker that was just two numbers off mine? Well, it was two numbers in the other direction, I had passed by my locker two or three times. D’oh!

Came home, made dinner and watched The Departed…. great movie, unexpected ending and the whole thing kept me on the edge of my seat. Over the weekend I watched The Illusionist, another great movie with another unexpected ending, the kind I really like. Both highly recommended if you’re like m and live in a cave and haven’t seen these yet πŸ™‚

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