Some Amazing Photography by Damien Lee

I saw a question about stock photography in the forums and, thinking this was another pro-photographer hanger-on looking to get rich selling pictures of his cats (like me) I clicked on the link and went back to work. When I got back to my browser and looked at Damien Lee’s site I was absolutely stunned by how amazing the shots were, especially the New Zealand gallery. They reminded me how good landscape photography can be. I guess I’ve been looking at my own stuff too much lately and thinking that because my landscapes are… “sub-par”, all are. Thanks Damien for a bit of inspiration!

3 Comments on “Some Amazing Photography by Damien Lee”

  1. “Oh, my god…” first words out of my mouth when click over. The beached ship and sunset, amazing.
    Now to wish for a “How I got the shot” section.

  2. I was recently googling about trying to solve an issue I am having with lightroom. I searched on, what was it now?… “lightroom shadow noise” which lead me to this site. So scrolling down I am sure I see my name flash across the screen for a moment. Got my interest so scrolled up and wouldn’t you know it? It was my name and not about the porn star with the same name for a change (not that i have been vain enough to Google myself in the past or anything).
    Whats the chance in a town like “internet” of coming across yourself without directly searching for yourself? Must be one in a million! Thanks for the kind comments folks, was a shock and gave me a giggle for my 5 minutes of internet fame.