Trash the Dress?

Who knew there was a whole genre of photography called trash the dress, which involves (as far as I can tell) pictures that when done are a pretty much assurance that your wedding dress isn’t going to be used a second time. Scenes involving water appear to be a favorite. Is this common? Being someone that’s getting married in a few short weeks, is this something I need to deal with?

With the cost of a wedding dress being somewhere between a couple of hundred and a few thousand dollars, is dunking it in the water, cutting it, burning it or grinding sand and grime into it really something that’s done by people? Most of the images on the trash the dress page are pretty good, but are they really something you’d want to treasure? I do have to admit that this image (at the bottom of the post) by Susan Stripling is particularly striking to me.

Am I the crazy one? 🙂

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