Places to go in Oregon

A while back we had been thinking that a trip down the Oregon coast would be nice…. I remember going to the beach on a holiday trip with my parents ages ago and it being great fun. A couple of nice places to visit if I ever do end up going are Silver Falls State Park and also of course Cannon Beach, which also has some amazing pictures. Both of them are about six and a half hours from home (which sucks), but I’m pretty sure that I could easily spend at least a day at each place (assuming I had enough memory cards for the camera of course).

Now to convince my bride-to-be that this would be a good place to go on a honeymoon 🙂

One Comment on “Places to go in Oregon”

  1. I don’t know how far down in Oregon you want to go, but Ashland, OR is beautiful, and they have plays going almost all year round with the Shakespeare Festival right there. The thing is, Ashland is in Southern Oregon (it’s about an hour over the Cali border) so it might be a bit farther than you had in mind… but if you’re looking for a longer trip, it could be fun 🙂