MacWorld 2008 Predictions… Based on Last Nights Dream

So last night I was running on fumes and had some really weird dreams involving this year’s MacWorld and what mysterious new products may or may not be released. Figured I’d record it here a day early before i get caught up in the Steve Jobs Reality Distortion Field watching all the live blogging and news tomorrow.

First thing from my dream was an iPhone that was more like a flip phone, and slightly Star Trek like. Hey, it was a dream remember!

The second was to do with the Something In The Air banners. Basically a wifi receiver system in the form factor of a Mac Mini but with a big smiley face on it with teeth, and each of those teeth have a receiver on it, to make it so that you’re not restricted to one flow of data.

Yea, I know it doesn’t make sense, but after the last few days, it makes perfect sense!

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