An Evening with Joe McNally

So thanks to a tip from a friend taking a course from him, I found out that The Joe McNally is in Vancouver and was doing a lecture downtown. Being that I’ve read and pimped his book before, and he’s done picture for oodles of places, including National Geographic, it was a pretty good idea to give it a listen, especially a the low low price of $45.

The talk included a session of talking and then some lighting setup and demo. The talk itself wasn’t completely new material to anyone who has read The Moment It Clicks or seen his Authors@Google talk. Basically he’s a great talker, funny, and with good stories and better pictures.

The lighting setup was also very cool, starting with a straight on camera flash and a model (a dancer) and moving to a softbox, hair light, background light, eye “zapper”, and shoot-through diffuser all configured from his D3 with some magic do-everything flash configuration system, it was very cool to see the quality of pics on the screen change with each iteration and go from “ugh” to “wow” and then to “holy balls wow”.

Course now it’s a matter of getting my ass off the couch and to taking pictures so when the course is offered next year I’m worthy of taking it 🙂

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