The Fails of the Season

sigh So what else is going to go wrong. So far in the last little while:

  • Got a note from the tax man saying there was missing paperwork from my taxes (due not to H&R block screwing up, but from the company I was working at that was acquired not giving me a T4, and of course now that company doesn’t exist and no one from the acquiring company knows anything). So I had to pay over $600 extra.
  • Got a note from the local municipality saying that our nice new fence and retaining wall on the side of the property was actually in the way of them getting to the creek beside the house, and we’d have to undo all we’ve done.
  • When I renewed house insurance I found that since I’ve had two break-ins in 5 years, my insurance more than doubled. Yay. The bank was able to find another underwriter that was only almost-double though.
  • Tonight heading to my folks for dinner (yummy lamb BTW) my car was acting a little funny. Getting there was ok, put water in as it was low, found that it was leaking out through a busted hose and refused to start at all. sigh. Now I have to figure out how to get a dead car from my folks house to a garage and back to me, their car back to them, all without going insane.

Dear karma, I’ve had enough now, you can stop now please.

Update: Seems BCAA needs me to actually be at the car for them to tow it, which is just awesome…

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