Foggy Vancouver

Wow, it’s been a weird week of weather (or two weeks now) where pretty much the whole lower mainland has been foggy (think thick like pea soup) morning and evening. The following picture was passed on from someone from someone from email spam. Super-cool. This is apparently a view of Downtown Vancouver from Cypress Mountain at 6:30 this morning. Click for the full image.

A couple of shots of my own from downtown are below:

Canada Place Fog
Foggy Canada Place

Foggy Downtown
A Foggy Street

Had to share the great shot of downtown from Cypress though!

2 Comments on “Foggy Vancouver”

  1. Dear Sir:
    Thank you for this one in a million,breath-taking picture, I’d seen this cloudland while driving northbound on grandville stree in the day time in year 1996. your masterpiece is taking me to the unforgetable scenery of downtown Vancouver.
    Thank you so very much for sharing your fantabulous photograph.
    Richard of Taipei and Vancouver