More Toys

Another weekend almost over, another couple of days of vegging and relaxing done. Sadly not much was actually accomplished this weekend. I did get my new camera a few days ago (had to get it from B&H in New York as it’s impossible to get in the lower mainland. The plan with this camera is not to replace my beloved Pentax K20D, but to give me a pocket-sized camera with features and quality that a DSLR geek can appreciate. Also the fact that the guys from the TWIP podcast love it helps.

I also picked up a messenger bag to do a project found via lifehacker, a Stealth Camera Bag. The shop was a last ditch find from Andrea, who saw it on our way out of Abbotsford after visiting 7 other shops (everything from thrift stores to a camera store). A tiny little store full of fake machine guns, grenades, camouflage everything, and a very friendly (and scary) proprietor. Not surprisingly, the store and parking lot were completely empty (what, no one buying fake M-16s a week into the new year?).

Unfortunately the bag I found has no internal divider or pockets, so the next step will be to get a couple of dividers setup inside so I can use it as a DSLR bag or a laptop, going-to-work bag. Alternatively I could use a more expensive, but easier, DIY method, ie: buy a pre-done divider.

3 Comments on “More Toys”

  1. just had a thought for the lens/lenses space in your new bag.
    how about those insulating sleeves for beer cans, one lens/sleeve?
    sleeves could be stitched together (padded ends/middle divider?).
    just a notion