No Freebies This Time :(

Oh well, guess it’s not always a perfect world in Apple support-land.  The battery in my laptop has been less than steller lately, so I headed to the Apple store armed with this article hoping to get a new battery from them gratis. 

Sadly, it was not to be.  After explaining to the guy there about it, quoting the “80% after 300 charges” spec that they have, the guy hoooked me up to their battery diagnostic and pronounced it was “consumed”, and not a bad battery at all. Unfortunately I had to go through the pretence of being interested before this and found out all sorts of good housekeeping tips for laptop batteries before he got to what I really wanted to know, that is, were they going to give me a free one.

Ah well, guess it can’t turn up roses all the time, and I’ll just keep on using the battery I have until it can’t make it from home to work on a charge and have to look at getting a new one.  Not a huge deal now, as most of the time it’s plugged in at home and I sit in a seat with power on the Vancouver to home leg of my commute.

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