‘Lude Lookin’ Good

Saturday I decided that since it was nice, why not wash the car. I didn’t want to just wash it though, I wanted to give it the full fred treatment. Since I got my car so many years ago I’ve been acculating a collection of car cleaning products, including mothers products, armor all, rim cleaner, tire cleaner, and the full works.

So noonish I wandered over to Cat5’s place, where there is far more room and a much better water/hose setup than we have here at the apartment building. Armed with beer and timbits, and a milk crate full of car cleaning stuff in the trunk, I intended to finish the inside and out.

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If Derek Was President

Derek has a couple of good ideas on what to do if he were president.

I’m sure I could add a couple of things… how about a ban on excessive DVD and CD packaging for one? Ever buy a new DVD and have to get through the three of four different levels of wrappers they put on it? Also a ban on mudslinging during elections. Heck, a ban on all political ads as this suggests maybe! I’m sure I’d work something about female nudity in advertising in. And a ban on stupid people, except for the kind that miscalculate change and give you back more than you should get.

The Agony and the Irony

I know it’s comparing apples to oranges, but I came across a couple of interesting things in the paper at lunch today that sort of conflicted with each other. The first was reader responses to what sounded like your standard “violent video games make people go out and kill people” bullshit article. I really don’t know where people get the idea. Everyone knows that anyone who has seen a movie with violence in it is far more likely to go on a homocidal rampage simple from seeing hollywood blood and gore, I mean come on! Hit the read more to see more ranting that will no doubt bring me flames and cause people to mock my intellect (as was done when I mentioned these thoughts at work today 🙂

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3 Days For RRSPs Left…

… and I’m done. Finally got some numbers on my limit from CCRA today, managed to get an appointment at the bank then slipped out of work a bit early and maxed out my contributions. Go me. One more thing off my plate.

Addendum to AV Letter

A couple of additions to Mike Dimmick’s letter to Microsoft on anti-virus software and how not everyone needs it.

  • Don’t use Internet Explorer
  • Don’t use Outlook Express

This seems to connect well with his other points. OE happily lets you run executable attachments, or runs them for you, and many (most) security patches I see are related to Internet Explorer.

BTW, hi Mike, you’re now in my aggregator 🙂

Microsoft, Fix Your Damn OS (Please)

I discovered halfway through writing this entry the first time that when Windows XP starts doing it’s “refresh the screen icons” thing a lot it means that the OS is going to inexplicibly lock up and reboot the computer Real Soon Now. sigh I wish I knew what XP was doing when it does this, because it’s really annoying. Maybe it’s the underlying graphical shell dying and being restarted by the OS. If so, that’s one unstable POS. The same thing used to happen in OS/2 2.x back in the day. If something as disasterous as the GUI shell were to die, it’d restart itself (without killing a modem download either I might add, that impressed me). The difference was those GUI restarts were days or weeks apart, not minutes. Or seconds. Anyone know what is going on? Nothing obvious in MSDN, and I know it’s not just me, I remember some A-list (hehehe) blogger talking about this months ago, saying it started happening more and more since he installed SP1. Can’t find the link though.

Addendum to Socoblizer Readers (and others). My bitch was not about the crash, I know those happen, I don’t care if it’s the drivers or the OS or both working together to annoy me. My complaint was the icon refreshing that is happening.

Gym Blah

The gym today was blah. You know that feeling you get after a good workout, a really good workout, where you’re just on the verge of puking and your body is just screaming at you to sit your ass down and not move anymore? I kinda felt like that from the start of the workout. I did shoulders though, and they are feeling sore now, but in a good way. Not sure if I’ll go back tomorrow or take a day off.

Came home to yummy meatloaf, coleslaw, veggies, and other yumminess. Mmm…… Always good to have real food after a workout 🙂

Network Monitoring with NLoad

Played around a bit today with nload, a text load meter for unix systems. As you can see above, it’s pretty nifty. Can you guess when I started a big data transfer? I bet you can. I’d also like to note that either my samba setup needs some serious tweaking, or SMB just sucks compared to NFS. I’m going to guess the latter, at least speed wise.

Accountants and Accounting, Oh My

Last night after work I raced around the office collecting tax information so I could go and see my accountant. I only thought I missed one chunk of paperwork (no doubt in the pile of papers from last tax year, which I can’t find either), but when I got there she asked about my car insurance, and was this all I paid? “No, I just haven’t finished entering data into Quickbooks.” How about house insurance? “Oh, I have the info, but it’s not here yet.” Milage? “I have my logbook in the car, but I haven’t added all the numbers up yet.” How about something something capital assets something something? “Oh yea, I have those all set up (no, the computer parts are really small tools under $200), in Quickbooks, but I didn’t know what report to print out. ” You were going to bring your backup file so I’d have it here if I needed it? “Forgot.”

Other than that, it went well. I still gasped when she sent me the information on what I’ll need to put into an RRSP and what I’ll still be paying (though some of it is in un-avoidable stuff like CPP and the other joys that come with having your own business). Of course, I can’t complain too much. I had some good contracts at the start of the year that made me money, I drive on the roads and use public utilities, and I still have enough money left over to upgrade computers and live a good life, so it’s not that bad. Still have to get some more exact numbers for what I should be putting into RRSPs before the end of the week though.

After I got home, and after dinner I spent a couple of hours putting numbers together. Brooks & Dunn sang to me in the background and I put in missing information and spent a lot of the bulk of that two hours pouring over my chicken scratches in my milage logbook and adding differences in milage up (must do that before the end of the year), and then adding all those differences up. Sometimes I was savant like, able to add numbers in a single bound, other times I’d sit there for 15 or 30 seconds muttering “16 and 6, 16 and 6, what is 16 and 6…. twenty…. uhmm…. shit…. 16 and 6, 16 and six, 24? no, no, 16 and 6….. 23!” Keeping my pen on the row I was working on and repeating the numbers helped me not to lose my place. Other times I was just blazing away, with the numbers falling together without hardly thinking about them.

In the end the result seemed plausable, though I have no illusions that if I had a proper tape calculator the numbers be the same.

In Which I Wish There Were More Hours In The Day

I wish there were more hours in the day. After getting up not really early this moring (due to aformentioned late night last night) my todo list was pretty full. Do (more) work on ASP project, laundry, dishes, garbage, shopping, dinner with folks, take cat to vet for follow up, not going crazy, dust the office and/or house (I’m getting so sick of dust and cat hair being over everything), etc etc etc. Some is done now, but not nearly enough, especially since it’s almost 5. I ended up going out and buying an air purifier from Canadian Tire today, and it’s humming happily along behind me. Not sure if it really fits into the “whisper” class they claim, but as long as the flying cat hair and whatnot is eliminated I’ll be happy. Firefly won’t let me shave the cats though, which I think would eliminate the problem once and for all 🙂