RIP Corny :(

On Thursday, my friend, and cat, since 1997 passed away.  He was sick the day before and Andrea took him into the vet, and we were told he needed some fluids and antibiotics, but the issue was a fixable one, not a “he’s old and you’re just prolonging the inevidble” situation.  We left him there but there were complications at the vet’s office, and she called me to tell me he had passed away just as I was telling a model (I was out for a shoot in Abbotsford) about how he was old and I was prepared for what might happen, but was happy that he’d be with me a while longer.  Ah well, such is life.  16 years is a long time for a cat I think, and I was happy to have him by my side since before I was out of University when I got him from Pam as a tiny kitten.  The first post I could find was a while into his stay, but not that long since. The very first mention is July 1997, before I got him when the litter of kittens was still too small to come home.

Anyway, here’s the last couple of pictures I have of the old man, doing what he does best, cuddling with his people.

Corny and Andreacorny and rob

And a couple from when he was a baby.

king rd apartment - corny 10.jpgking rd apartment - corny 3.jpgHe was my first “real” cat and was with me for almost as many years as he wasn’t.  I miss him but am happy for the time I had with him cuddling on the couch or sleeping on my shoulder at night and purring.

Cats Bringing in Worms

I’m not sure if it’s the weather or some sort of subtle hint that they want food and would like me to go and get fish for them, but the cats brought in a total of 6 worms into the house overnight (and based on the odd dirt at the top of the stairs, possibly more that were either eaten or hidden somewhere).


So A Funny Thing Happened At The Barn….

A couple of days ago I got a text from my wife saying something about “kitten” and “barn” and “abandoned”. Cutting a long story short, so yea, we got another kitten. She was abandoned (as best we can figure) at the barn (theory being a dumped kitten turns into a barn cat, probably makes those responsible sleep better at night). She burrowed into A’s shoulder and neck and purred her little brains out before she got a chance to even see the kitten.
As the difference in work and effort between 5 cats and 6 is only 20% compared to the 100% difference between 0 and 1 cats, or even 33% if you were to go from 3 to 4 cats. Of course, by that theory the amount of work to get more cats approaches 0, meaning that life will get easier the more cats I have! Well, that’s my justification anyway. Here are some more pictures!

Another Stupid Cat At The Vet

So Corny is at the vet again.  This time he was panting and drooling yesterday, so A took him to the vet, who gave him an anti-inflammatory shot and some antibiotics and he was ok. The vet figured it was an allergic reaction to a flea bite (or something like that). This morning though he was panting and listless again, so I took him down this morning before work (gotta love the flexibility of the new job!). The doctor said he didn’t like the sound of his breathing… Doc took him in for the day for blood tests, x-rays, and other expensive things.
When I called he said it was (basically) that he was constipated, which was causing pain, which caused the shallow breathing, so they’re keeping him overnight to make sure the laxatives work (fun for the cat I’m sure). Sounds like after he poops his little brains out he should be ok and good to come home. We’ll find out tomorrow. Unfortunately of course it’s all expensive, $95 for x-rays, $150 for blood work, $200 for putting him on fluids, etc, etc, etc. Just when I thought that money was getting better. I anticipate that as soon as I recover financially from this then suddenly my car will get sick 🙁
Fingers crossed this is just a(nother) one time things with this cat. Again.

Cats Sleeping

Random thoughts at midnight-thirty while I can’t sleep and have to get up in 5 hours.

Question: Do you ever worry about your cat getting annoyed at you for petting it while it’s trying to sleep, and it not being able to sleep because you keep on petting it?

Answer: I wouldn’t worry about it. Think about this. When you get home from work after a twelve hour day and find your cat sleeping on the bed, realize that it’s probably been there since you left in the morning, with only minor interruptions of turning around. Keeping him or her from sleeping because you keep on petting the little bugger to hear them purr is the last of their worries.

And Now… Bunnies

So a funny thing happened to me today…. Seems there were some orphaned, around two week old bunnies that needed a home, so they are here now. Below you’ll see one, still probably terrified out of it’s wits, looking out towards the camera from it’s new, temporary home.

The home is a cat carrier with some shavings on the bottom, a stuffed toy lamb to simulate mommy sitting over them, and some greenery. Andrea also came home with some kitten milk replacement, feeding bottles, and the like.

Anyone know a 12-17 year old kid in 4H or similar who wants to bottle feed and care for the littler buggers? They’re infinitely cute (iPhone shot below)!

I can only imagine what the cats will think of it…

The Great Mouse Hunters Strike Again

Woke up this morning to Andrea telling me the cats think there is a mouse under the fridge. Great way to start the day. Though when you have four cats clustered around the front of the fridge, you have to figure something’s up. So there’s me, barely awake, shining a light and trying to see any sign that the cats are crazy or not. Nope, turns out there’s a weeeee little nose moving behind one of the back legs. OK, so slide the fridge forwards and see what happens then.

Not so good. Now the mouse got himself into a small tunnel in the drywall and is trying to make it’s way up the wall. The cat, convinced that we didn’t understand what was going on, turned herself inside out rubbing up against the corner to let us know that this is her mouse dammit, and if we can’t figure that out she’s just going to turn herself inside out again.

OK, so here’s me again, flashlight in one hand, butter knife i the other, and towel at the ready. You do know where your towel is right? Oh, and my fearless wife standing across the room to manage the operation. I got the idea of making a hidey-hole with the towel to convince the mouse that it had somewhere safe to go instead of the wall as I slide the knife down the crack between the drywall boards to push it down. Turned out it worked, the mouse ran into the towel perfectly, but I wasn’t fast enough grabbing it and it went under the towel and around into a hole leading under the bottom of the cupboard with the sink in it.

Now at least it couldn’t get out, except through a small hole at the front, just small enough I could see his beady little eyes and roaming tail. Being stupid, I figured maybe I could reach in and grab him. Being smart, the mouse simply bit my finger. Next try was a hand covered with a dishtowel, which of course meant I couldn’t see anything at all.

Luckily a second attempt at the “hey, look at this safe dark place in what definitely isn’t a dishtowel” ploy worked, and Mr. Mouse came out of the cupboard and ran along the edge of the kitchen until I finally managed to get a towel on him, and then my hands around the towel. He was a slippery little bugger too, and only by luck did I manage to get his tail in between my fingers through the towel to keep him from squirming out and getting free again. Andrea, still managing the operation from across the room, opted not to take a picture of my victory as the mouse was “traumatized enough already”. Bah, a little makeup, hot lights and a photo shoot relax people right?

He then got his one “Get out of a horrible death by being eaten by a creature 100x your size with bone crushing jaws after being tormented and tortured for hours on end” card and was deposited unceremoniously down the bank of the creek in the backyard.

I’m thinking I really need a cat with mouse in mouth detecting cat door.

Just to explain the rules, passed down from years of cat ownership, of mice (or any other small critters) in the house. Basically if the critter is alive and in good shape (ie: can still move, squeak, or skitter), it gets freed and put somewhere safe. If not, well, the cats will have gotten it anyway. I’m just glad we got this one before it expired hidden away where the cats couldn’t get them and started to smell like the last one….

Cats and Mice

Last night was a late night already, but as I’m lying there trying to get to sleep I hear cat noises, but slightly different cat noises than I’m used to. After a bit I decided it’d be a good idea to check it out, so I turned on the light. Glad I did, Bump had brought in a nice plump mouse (dead) and was lounging on the floor beside my bed playing with it, looked like she was trying to get it under the mat to give me a really nice (and squishy) surprise first thing in the morning. Mouse got taken away. Glad we found this one early, unlike the last one which was found by the “hey, what’s the funny smell coming from under the bedside table” method…

The Cats Are In My Nightmares

Another quick and dirty link…. this video of a cat sanctuary is something that haunts my dreams…. 6 cats already and I can only see myself turning into this sort of crazy cat man. Check out this video of Caboodle Ranch, a 100 acre cat sanctuary. They now have something like 150 cats. I calculate that I’m already 4% of the way there, though I don’t have the $100k to build a ranch.

Is it wrong to think that the guy isn’t completely insane?

Alarm Clock Cat… For The Win!

Got woken up this morning by Rex whining at me and knocking my glasses around on the bedside table. I sleepily told him to bigger off, it’s too early, let me sleep. He kept at it, and as a bespecticled person the paranoia of my glasses getting knocked onto the floor was enough to pull me out of sleep enough to see the alarm clock and see I had forgotten to turn the alarm on and had overslept (by a couple of minutes only, about the amount of time that Rex had been bugging me). For the bitching I do when the cats wake me up, sometimes I’m convinced they know exactly what they’re doing. Go alarm clock cat!