Half Life Gaming Nostalgia

In a fit of nostalgia after seeing the Half Life 2 details that snuck out on the net (not my fault), I installed the original Half Life, one of the few games I actually bought. It installed pretty much flawlessly under WineX (and works with plain old Wine as well I’ve heard). The game didn’t seem to recognize the CDROM, so I went to update it, and there was some strangeness in the update (probably due to the update server moving long ago). I downloaded the update and ran it, and everything came up perfectly.

Part of the other reason for doing this is that I never actually finished the game originally. I don’t remember if I lost interest, or got to a hard part or what, but I’d feel really bad about starting Half Life 2 before actually finishing Half Life 1.

So for about a half hour this afternoon I once again stepped in the boots (or bio-suit) of Gordon Freeman, and it was mostly good. A bit of a PITA to wait for things that you know are going to happen, or scripted sequences that you have seen before, and the engine is a bit outdated, but not as much as I feared. Definately looking forward to the sequal (September 30)!