A New Start To The Blog

The last real post that I made here was in 2015, so this has been a long time coming. In the past four years or so I’ve diversified my online personal sharing onto other platforms like facebook and instagram, and the blog has fallen by the wayside. Lately I’ve become a bit disallused with with […]

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Windows is Dangerous

One of my coworkers got a new laptop last week.  Friday I set it up with software, configured email, removed a ton of the pre-installed crapware that wasn’t needed, and passed it on to her. Should be all fine, all that was really needed was to install a few bits of extra software, Skype, Slack,

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New Year, New Eyes

Being that this blog seems to be only ever used for big life events, I figure this is probably worth it.  After  years and years of thinking about it, talking about it, going for consultations, and saying over and over how I couldn’t afford it, I finally got laser eye surgery on Dec 22, 2014. As

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Windows 8 is Terrible

I take it back. I used to say that Windows 8 wasn’t that bad, you just have to get used to it. Sure it’s a bit different, but once you start using it, you’ll start to figure out what the thinking was. I was wrong. At that time I had never “really” used Windows 8.

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A Summary of 2013

A quick summary of 2013 on this sadly unused blog (most everything is now over at bailwardphotography.com). I’ve been taking a picture a day of myself with the Everyday iPhone app and thought this would be good. January 1, 2013: December 31, 2013: Apparently over the year I turned from a vaguely respectable person into a

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RIP Corny :(

On Thursday, my friend, and cat, since 1997 passed away.  He was sick the day before and Andrea took him into the vet, and we were told he needed some fluids and antibiotics, but the issue was a fixable one, not a “he’s old and you’re just prolonging the inevidble” situation.  We left him there

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On Facebook News Feed Censorship

There’s been a lot of talk recently about how Facebook is repressing my posts, people aren’t seeing them, OMG Facebook is censoring my news. Good I say. Here’s the thing, if you’re on Facebook you’ve probably “liked” a lot of things, from your favourite TV show, to your friends pictures, to your local community library.

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My Pebble Smart Watch Review

There are many Pebble Smart Watch reviews, all similar, all unique. This is mine. I heard about the Pebble Watch on Kickstarter the day that it made it’s goal, and even though I didn’t write about it, I did back it immediately. I got back into wearing a watch a couple of years ago with

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