Talked to the Brent-dude at the gym again today to clarify the things that K
mentioned (“He’s full of shit” was pretty much what she said 🙂 about slow run
being better for you (fat wise) than a fast hard run. I independantly confirmed
the fullofshitidness of this in a couple of books/sites as well. Well, he
clarified a bit, and said that yes, you burn more sugar calories doing a fast
run then a slow one, and maintains that you still burn more fat calories in a
slow one (60% vs 50% or something like that), but what he uses the slow
run for is off-day exercises. IE: He works with people three days a week or so,
and on the off days gets them to do the fast-walk thing, allowing them an “easy”
day, but still doing lots of good things for the body. That cool K?

There is no title for today… sorry, but my mind doesn’t work that well this early i

Two clear dreams for ya’ll…

I was on the first manned trip to mars with another guy. We made it there and
laneded, and upon initial investigation we found (small) trees on the surface.
In investigating farther we found a huge scary monster on the top of a mountain,
who if I remember right was a bit like a minator, and was eating people who were
either fleeing him or heading up towards him. He was like a volcano, consuming
everything that was thrust into his gaping maw.

Eventually we found abandoned buildings, hundreds of thousands of them, and
hospital beds as well, all arranged togeather so that the houses were on one
side, the beds on another. They were all abandoned. We eventually found people
as well, and a lady tells us that there is an epidemic that is making everyone
die. It starts with muscle soreness (she used another word for it though,
starting with an “a”) as the first symptom. I’m not feeling any soreness, but
tell the person I’m with that I think it’s time to go. By the time I convince
him I am feeling sorness in my calves.

The other one happened right after, while I was dozing after waking up in the
morning, and was (IMHO) far more bizzare.

I rode bike down the hill from my parents home to Albion school (I was in grade
7 there). It was as it is now (or was), but the addition was that there was now
a lake in the front of it, in the top right part of the front of the
school-yard. People lined the road, the lake… they were everywhere, as it was
a hot hot day. When I got there I found my group of people and hung out for a
bit. After a bit I realized that I’d forgotten my swim-shorts, and had to ride
back up to my folks place to get them. I went over to the change room kinda
place to put my sweat pants back on, as I needed them to ride back for some
reason. Before I left the group though, one of the members, strangely enough,
Harvy Lipschultz from the show Boston
asked me if I could grab his shorts from his room as well.

While in the change room someone else comes in that I recognize as Krista L.
from elementry and high school, who looks and sounds (from the way she’s bashing
things around) like she’s had a bad day. From the way she’s dressed she works at
a burger joint of some sort. I ask her how she’s doing and she replies “Not good
at all, I’ve gotten to the point where I write essays for fun.”

“Why do you do that?”

“It takes time, if I can spend 5 minutes protesting or writing I will, just
because it can take time up.”

I am looking through a paper in the other room (I’m still changing) and see
something in in, and ask her about her grandfather, and what he did. “He worked
on the railway around ’11.”

“Well, there is something in the paper that might interest you, let me finish
getting un-naked [yes, I used that term] and I’ll show the article to you.”

The article was a “write about your grandfather” contest, which got people to
write an essay about their grandfather and what he did during his life.
However, I don’t know how that ended up, as it was right about then that the
dream ended.

I’d guess that those two dreams would be a gold mine for anyone who knows
anything about dream analysis 🙂

“Breath your life into my poetry, the reason for my rhapsody”

Last night foz came over to try some of firefly‘s wonderful rhubarb pie, and
tried (again) to convince me to get my head
with him. I’ve known he’s been thinking about this for a while, and
now he wants to do it this coming Saturday. The scary thing is, I’m almost
warming up to the idea. Here’s the list of pros and cons:


  • It’s almost summer, long hair gets hot in summer.
  • Based on Del’s experience today (he had to get his hair cut for a job
    interview where they may or may not like the long haired hippie folks), it can
    look good.
  • At least two independant people have said they think that I could “pull
    off” having no hair.
  • I don’t need long hair to pick up chicks anymore.
  • Having no hair and saying it’s because you donated it to an organization
    that makes wigs for children with cancer would be a huge chick magnet anyway.
  • Apparently I look like a dork now, so
    there’s really no point in arguing the “I don’t want to look like a dork” angle.
  • No hair + goatee = badass look.
  • Less shampoo/conditioner/haircareproductsingeneral.
  • Less long hair blocking the drain, getting everywhere, etc.
  • Can drive with the windows down for extended periods of time without making
    “phpt, phpt” noises while spitting stray strands out of my mouth.


  • I’ve had long hair since grade 11 (that’d be around 1992 folks).
  • Only one or two people that I know now, other than my parents have any
    idea what I look like with short hair, and those it’s only because they somehow
    got a hold of my high school yearbooks.
  • Sunburn on the scalp.
  • Didn’t want to shave my head until I started going bald.
  • What if my head is full
    of weird and odd shaped bumps
    ? No one really knows what their head
    looks like, cause it’s normally covered with hair.
  • Don’t want to look like a dork again.
  • I try to avoid shaving my face more than once or twice a week, no way I
    want to have to shave my whole head that often! (I’d probably let it grow and
    and then style it as it grew longer though).
  • I’d loose my membership in the longhair club…. granted, if foz does it,
    the long hair club will only be me and solas,
    who I know will never get rid of his (down to ass by now I’m sure) hair. He’s
    in Edmonton anyway.
  • Everyone I see for the next few months (years) will have to have the
    reasons explained again, and again, and again, and will have to go through the
    “oh my god!”
  • Sobs from everyone who loved the long hair.

So no, no decisions yet, but I’m definately thinking about it. Might be an
interesting change anyway. But potentially dangerous
thing to let happen as well.

Don’t worry, whatever I choose I’ll get before and after pictures for you
scoobyD 🙂

Speaking of which (scoobyD, this is to you too), some thoughts about going to
see Episode II in digital next weekend were thought of, after the head shaving
(as a reward or something).

How about a preview?



Scary huh? You people who say I can pull it off still think so? Oh, and even worse,
without trying too the count of pros and cons are 10 to 10, so I can’t even just count and decide!


Nothing says “job well done” like getting up at the crack of noon! I was up
late late late last night, pumped up on coke (a-cola) after finishing the game
we were working on for the demo today. I was over at Yohimbe’s finishing up the
last of the niggly bits… ie: did all the major architecture stuff that we all
did the last week actually do anything? Well, after a bit of prodding
and pushing, it did! The code is tight, cool, and fast, and the GUI is sweet
looking. Now we can go back and rest on our laurels for a bit and see what

I got home around 11:30pm and sat down and chatted with people online for a few
hours, wrote up a node
about Soul Miner’s Daughter
, played with KMail a bit (it’s not bad, but the pgp/gpg
handling is a bit shakey, especially on signed messages sent by
mutt. I’ll keep at it for a bit, as now I’m
filtering my mail on the server I can play with different clients and see which
one works best for me. End result of all this, I was up late enough that the
birds started chirping (those happy little bastards!), hence my getting up at
noon 🙂

I think today I’m going to veg, watch TV and movies, and maybe head into town to
Radio Shack, as I heard an intruiging ad on the radio about “DAB”, Digital Audio
Broadcasting, where they can send CD quality sound to the radio, along with
data such as song information, lyrics, etc. Sounded kinda funky. I wonder how
they are dealing with the implications of people… I mean, those
horrible cheap pirates
, recording the music or capturing the lyrics.
You just know the RIAA wants to suck us dry a bit more.

Speaking of the RIAA, I’d like to bitch for a second about Silver City. Yes,
they have the best theatres, but they do so at a cost, and the costs are
everywhere. Lets review:

  • Higher ticket cost
  • Higher cost for popcorn / pop (a medium popcorn and medium pop are (last
    time I looked) $10.50 CND
  • Plus – mini restaurants in the lobby (pizza hut, etc). Minus – hugely
  • Food places don’t take interac, but there is a cash machine in the lobby…
    except it’s one of those that charges you an extra cost each time you use it
  • Ads shown at the start of the film, annoyingly so, of their “sponsors”

Now I realize that they need to get back costs for building the place, but over
the period of a year the ticket cost went up at the Langely Collosus went from
$8 (just before Episode 1 was released) to $9 (the night Episode 1 was
released), to $12.50 sometime later in the year. I don’t know about other
places, but the Mission Silver City cost has gone back down a bit (I only go
there on matinees), but still. Ok, done bitching, time to start the day.

Much needed updates done, film at 11

Most of my day today was spent at the wedding for Kelora and WNight, which was very cool.
The theme was medievil, so most everyone dressed up, with some looking more
awsome than others. I spent nearly a full film on it, so as soon as the cats do
something amusing, I’ll take it in to be processed, and post the pictures
somewhere here for ya’ll. It was a nice and relaxed wedding, in almost perfect
weather, except for the pollen aggravating my allergies. The finale was a nice
reception at a friends home, with tons and tons of great food.

A fair amount of the rest of today was spent working on redoing some of the
stuff on the main page of this site, which I’m taking a wild guess that no one
really visits. Last time the frontpage was updated was nearly two years ago,
and a lot of the content in the ‘about’ type pages was just completely out of
date (I was just working at NetMaster apparently). I’ve put it into a hopefully
more easy-going, and amusing style, mixing rambling narrative with links to
various files I’ve found, created, or stolen over the years.

Wanker: (n) Someone who randomly changes the baseline setting on your scale

Wow, busy couple of days. On thursday, a bunch of people got togeather to go to
the Episode II matinee. For anyone who hasn’t gone yet, or is hesitant due to
thinking that Episode I sucked, GO! (Warning, potential
spoilers ahead

The movie finally gets it right I think. There were some sucky bits (the love
stuff they threw in) that really just got in the way of the ass kicking, but
other than that it was fantastic. We got introduced to many more varied
and interesting worlds, and for some places, got to see a lot deeper in
than the quick look we had before.

There were a lot more people as well, and different people. A fair number of
them were complete CGI. This time though, they didn’t feel as forced and out of
sync with the rest of the movie like they did in Episode I. Sometimes they
didn’t seem quite “there” (the dude in the diner for example), but for the most
part, they went in completely un-noticed as anything other than another
character in the movie. A lot was learned as well… some people’s origins
(Boba Fett for example), and a bunch of events we knew were going to happen
somewhere/somehow, but weren’t quite sure exactly when or how.

The best part though, was the abundance of ass kicking, lightsaber wielding,
ship racing, kick ass scenes. Finally we get to see more than one Jedi fight,
and we get to see Yoda show why he is so revered and respected by the Jedi.
Ships racing through asteroid belts, through crowded city skies, etc etc. The
list goes on and on.

Just go see it.

What else has happened here lately. I’ve been working on the contract for
Yohimbe, which has been going well. There was actually a significant amount of
progress made yesturday, and things are shaping up quite well. With a deadline
of monday or tuesday, things’ll be busy for a couple of days, but all should go
well. One sticker in the whole thing is we have a wedding to go to for Kelora and
WhiteKnight, it’s in about four hours from now, so eventually I have to get up
and get ready. I’m really glad it’s not a formal type wedding, and I can go
simply slightly nicer than normal clothes 🙂

Read a bit about GeoCaching on Wil Wheaton‘s site. Sounds like a lot of
fun, and there are actually a few caches locally. Anyone mind giving me a GPS?

The kitten…. oh yes, the kitten. While she is adorable
of course, she seems to have been making it the goal in her fuzzy life to get to
the highest places in the apartment lately. Be in the top of the screen door,
the screen on the bedroom window, the top bookshelf in the living room, the top
shelf in the bathroom, or the top of the door of the bathroom…. Sometimes
she’ll get to the top and look at you and simply squeak, especially if she’s
gotten somewhere where couldn’t have gotten without your “help” (ie: jumping
onto your back while you’re brushing your teeth and then leaping from there
to the top of the door). Luckily she’s still a very small cat (or is it
kitten… I think she’s about 6-8 months old now), so she hasn’t destroyed too
much. I cringe to think what would happen if Rex (the 14-16 pound beast)
decided to do that!

Had a “Nerdvana” moment yesturday. Myself, coding at my desk, Foz beside me,
reading me items to work on, talking to Yohimbe, sitting on my couch with a
laptop, coding away on other things. Ah, bliss……

Nothing yet with Jammicron. They’re waiting for word back from their client,
whom they’d bill me out to I guess, but hopefully they’ll hear back soon.

I woke up this morning and found my cat trying to eat me.

Woke up this morning from a nightmare of sorts.

We were all going to the Episode II screening in the Mission theater after work,
except it was really a Maple Ridge theater… I drove myself and Firefly there
in a big panel van, the kind that UPS uses for deliveries. We got there and
stood in line, and I tried to get a hold of Cat5. I never did get a hold of
him, but he showed up eventually, after I went looking for him. When it finally
came time that the doors had opened we found out that the place only took cash,
so we had to go and find someplace with a money machine. The lady kindly
informed us that the strip club up the street had one. For some reason I had brought
my kitten with me, and had to find a place to keep her while we were in the
movie. I put her in what was left of the van (it was pushed over and destoyed
by some hoodlums while in the parking garage). I tried to arrange the remains
so she couldn’t escape out until we got back. This made me quite distraught.

Crazy old cat man indeed!

We are however, going to see Episode II today. Heading for the noon showing,
aiming to leave here around 10:30. I hope that it’s not too crowded, as we have
no real idea how busy it will be!

I think I spent half the night about that and half the night about how I’m going
to filter all my mail on the server with procmail and move my mail client from Evolution to mutt.

I woke up at 6am, then 8am (the latter when my big black cat came and sat on my
chest, dug his huge claws into my chin and said in his own way “You will pet me


I woke up this morning with the following words on my lips:

What a horrible fscking nightmare! I was dreaming about HOMEWORK!

This is what I remember…

There were a couple of distinct parts… the first of which was being in a huge
boarding school. While there, one morning I went to go to the hot tub. There
were three floors, and each had a hot tub and pool, and each had it’s own heat
level. I went to the one on the second floor, not too hot, not too cold. On my
way there, there was an announcement that I partially heard, something about
ignoring classes and going home. I didn’t hear it really well though, so I
asked a couple of people who I saw while in the hot tub (which wasn’t many, which
I found odd). When I was done I headed back and on my way back passed by an
assembly with a lot of teachers and students. They were saying that last night
a werewolf had attacked, and the result of which I don’t remember…

I think I might have seen the werewolf, but even in my dream I don’t remember.
It might have been just a wolf that had wandered into the school. Hard to

Thus starts part two, mostly connected, no idea what the events from part one to
this are.

I was doing homework, on the first part of which was on the first chapter of a
book of some sort. I was in the middle of getting the computer set up to use a
word processor to do the report (this was not my first choice for some reason).
The weird part was that I was doing it on top of a tank. Firefly was there, as
was Fozbaca, who was bugging me to get finished
so he could use either the tank or the computer.

What a nightmare eh?


This morning started around 12:30am, pulling my kitten off
the top of the screen door and closed it. “Spider-kitty” is her new nickname. Around 6am I
heard similar noises of claws on mesh and pulled her off the top of the window
in the bedroom, and closed it. When I say top here, I mean top, upper six
inches. A couple of hours later I woke up with a vicious headache, took drugs,
tried to get back to sleep. Least that was gone by the time I hit the gym.

Thinking of converting from my current mail client of evolution and going
to/back to mutt and procmail. VFolders are undeniably cool, but some of
evolutions features (including some strangeness in the GPG/PGP handling), as
well as some things that are simply signs of it being an early generation mail
client, without the ability to say, show you a total of the messages in a
folder, only the “new” messages, kinda sucks. I like vfolders because I can
make then and change them as I feel like it… but they can be/are slow, and a
bitch to deal with sometimes.