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I took off the message I put on the top of my page yesturday: I hope whoever broke into my car last night dies a slow, horrible, painful, death which involves body parts falling off, and rats gnawing on the bleeding stumps until all that is left is their eyeballs, on which I will happily […]

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Got up this morning at 6am, got ready for work, my carpool buddy came at the normal time (6:45), and we went into the secure underground parking lot of my building. Lo and behold, my car passenger door had the window pulled down, and the lock opened. My $300 stereo, $100 (el cheapo) amp and

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Well, lately a whole bunch of stuff has been flying around relationship wise, luckily none of it has been happening to me. Some of the splatters have gotten on me though 🙁, prompting the following thoughts: With each passing day life continues along. Today might be bad, yesturday worse, and tomorrow better. We never know

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Well, a couple of little things. I almost got in a heated argument with one of my co-workers over a comment he made which totally conflicted with my personal ‘live and let live’ views. I resisted however, as I like (ok, need) my job. I heard a good friend of mine is going to do

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Happy new year! My pages seem to have gained popularity, resulting in my account being filled by the log file, resulting in ‘local storage charges’ 🙁 So I’ve moved this section to my other web site.

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Haven’t updated for a while, and this is just a minor one anyway… I’m almost finished exams, but unfortunately, instead of studying economics and java and things like that, I’m playing with Linux (the coolest OS in the world). Soon you will be able to access my home computer from this page! Very cool.

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Well, more hell in my life as far as relationships…. I guess I should be used to it by now. I have had about 2 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours, and man am I screwed up. At work (where I am now), I just keep on sucking down the hot chocolate and

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Well, my birthday was yesterday. It was OK I guess. Another year, some more stuff, and now I can drink legally everywhere. unfortunately, I don’t drink that much so that is inconsequential. Got a C+ on both my English essay and presentation. A B- on my midterm. Not bad, I guess. Better than I thought.

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Just put another pic of me on my "about me" page. Hope it doesn’t scare you 🙂 Tooo much work 🙁 School, job etc. I’m heading for burn out on a rocket slid on rails… or something like that. Actually it is kind of nice to have the stress back — it’s like an old

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Well, I am “officialy” single again. Don’t know what to think about that. My parents came back from Mexico yesturday. I had the joy of picking them up from the airport (1 hour drive). They brought me back some nice T-Shirts and an awsome Mexican Blanket. On Tuesday I’m going to meet one of my

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